Gulaab Niwaas Palace is a luxury hotel in Pushkar, India's most exquisite and remote settings. it is enhanced by it's unique surroundings and expands horizons for travellers while respecting local ways of life. Gulaab Niwaas Palace is a family run hotel offering personalised service and attention to detail that makes the welcome warm and the stay unforgettable. we are commited to integrate the highest international standards of hospitality with indigenous culture, designs and materials. Here guests experience India's rich history and majesty as if they are among the first to travel these extraordinary historical lands. Gulaab Niwaas Palace is one of India's most charming and romantic hotels. It offers a quiet, elegant and luxurious atmosphere. Here you will find modern hospitality, accommodation, services , cuisine and amenities in addition to each room having a private balcony with surreal views. the hotel is built on a sand dune very close to the lake thus offering excellent bird's eye views of the entire town.

PUSHKAR FAIR UPDATE  : 18th Nov.  to 25th Nov. 2015, ( ROOMS AVAILABLE )

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